1) Can I make a reservation?

      Not usually. We rent on a first come first served basis. However, you can reserve a fishing boat during the beginning of trout season. Also if you have a large group such as boy scouts, girl scouts, YMCA group or any large group please call in advance and we will make sure we have enough staff and equipment for your group. Call 724 630-6294.

2) Is my dog allowed in the boat too?

      Yes! Dogs are welcome to join you on the water in boats, kayaks, and canoes. Pets are not allowed on the standup paddleboards and mini pontoon boats.

3) What is the weight limit on your boats?

      Single Kayaks - 225 lbs up to 325 lbs. We have more than one size.

      Double Kayak - 550 lbs

      Row Boat - 500 lbs

      Motor Boat - 500 lbs

      Single Hydrobike - 400 lbs

      Double Hydrobike - 600 lbs

      Canoes - Up to 725 lbs

      Standup Paddleboard - 300 lbs

      Minin pontoon boats - 1000 lbs

4) When is the best time to come?

      Weekdays is one of the best times to come. We open daily at 10 am and rent up to one hour before sunset. Weekend mornings and evenings are a good time to come too.

5) What is available in the store?

      We sell firewood, live bait, pop, water, snacks, ice cream and some fishing and camping supplies.

6) Do you have waterproof pouches for my phone?

      Yes! We have some for sale. They float too. We also sell various sizes of dry bags and various sizes of waterproof boxes.

7) Can I boat in the rain?

      As long as you don't mind getting wet, we will send you out. However, if you hear thunder or see lightning, you should come back to the dock. If there is thunder and lightning in the area, we have to wait 30 minutes before sending anyone back on the water. We refer to this as a DREW DELAY!

8) Do you offer any military discount?

      Yes! We welcome our hard working military members, veterans, and first responders. Please let us know when checking in and checking out and we will work something out.