Monday           noon  - Dusk

Tuesday           10am - Dusk

Wednesday   10am - Dusk

Thursday        10am - Dusk

Friday               10am - Dusk

Saturday         10am - Dusk

Sunday             10am - Dusk

April and May                                     Open weekends 10am - Dusk

September and October                Open weekends 10am - Dusk

Open daily from 10am - Dusk from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Except Monday. Open at noon on Mondays

Dusk? What does that mean? Well, all the boats need to be off the water before it gets dark, and sunset is always changing throughout the season. Therefore, we will rent up until one hour before sunset on any given day. Example: If sunset is 8:41pm, the last boat will leave the dock area at 7:41pm so they come back before sunset.

Inclement Weather: In the event it rains we will continue to rent if you don't mind getting wet. However, for your safety, if you hear thunder or see lightning you must get off the water. We will continue to rent again after the storm passes and 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or flash of lightning.

               We do have an ATM                inside  for your convenience.


  • Life jackets of all sizes are provided.
  • Tax is already included in price.
  • Pets are welcomed on the boats.
  • Stay on the water as long as you wish. You pay when you come back.

Raccoon Creek Boat Rental Clinton, Pa 15026

For any questions concerning fishing or boating regulations, please refer to  Pennsylvania Fish And Boat Commission

Notice we are open at noon on Mondays.

We open at 10am on all other days.